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Colored Sprite Mod Undertale

Colored Sprite Mod Undertale

Undertale is a popular role-playing game that features pixelated graphics and a unique combat system. The game has a lot of charm and humor, but also a lot of emotional moments and moral choices. One of the aspects that makes Undertale stand out is its use of color, or rather, its lack of it. Most of the characters and enemies in the game have monochrome sprites, with only a few exceptions. This creates a contrast between the colorful overworld and the bleak battles, and also adds to the mystery and ambiguity of the game's story.

However, some fans of the game have decided to add more color to Undertale by creating mods that change the sprites of the characters and enemies. These mods aim to enhance the game's visuals and give more personality and expression to the characters. In this article, we will introduce two of the most popular colored sprite mods for Undertale: the Undertale Remastered Mod and the Undertale Colored Sprites Mod.


The Undertale Remastered Mod

The Undertale Remastered Mod is a mod that adds detailed colored sprites to the game, as well as borders as an option. The mod is created by Michael_King and his team of pixel artists, who have been working on it since 2017. The mod is not fully complete yet, as some of the sprites are still in progress, but it covers most of the main characters and enemies in the game. The mod also adds some new features, such as a Mad Mew Mew boss fight and a secret ending.

The mod aims to make the sprites more faithful to the original concept art and promotional material of Undertale, as well as adding more details and shading. The mod also tries to preserve the original style and charm of the game, while making it more appealing and immersive. The mod is compatible with both versions 1.000 and 1.001 of Undertale, but it requires some manual installation and patching.

The Undertale Colored Sprites Mod

The Undertale Colored Sprites Mod is another mod that adds color to the sprites of the game, but with a different approach. The mod is created by Pr3tz31 and his team of pixel artists, who have been working on it since 2018. The mod is fully complete, as it covers every monster in the game (except for Froggit and Napstablook, who are still white like their overworld sprites). The mod does not add any other changes or features to the game.

The mod aims to make the sprites more vibrant and expressive, by using bright colors and simple shading. The mod also tries to match the colors with the personalities and themes of the characters and enemies, as well as their overworld counterparts. The mod is only compatible with version 1.001 of Undertale, and it requires some manual installation.


Both mods are great examples of how fans can modify and improve their favorite games, by adding their own artistic vision and creativity. Both mods also show how color can change the mood and atmosphere of a game, as well as giving more depth and emotion to the characters. Whether you prefer more detailed or more vibrant sprites, you can choose one of these mods to enhance your experience of Undertale.

If you want to download these mods, you can find them on their respective websites: [Undertale Remastered Mod] and [Undertale Colored Sprites Mod]. Please note that you need to own a copy of Undertale in order to use these mods, and that you should backup your original files before installing them. Also, please respect the creators' work and do not redistribute or claim these mods as your own.

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