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Can I return my item if I change my mind?
See our
Returns & Shipping page.

I ordered a made to measure coat but it doesn't fit my dog, what can I do?

See our Returns & Shipping page.

I want something different to what you have in your shop, do you customise?
In the first instance, please ask as it is likely we have made your request before. If not, we will see if we can help. Examples of modifications we have done before: changing the lining material, changing the shape/length of the neckpiece, making the belly strap wider/narrower, adding velcro to the front strap, sourcing a specific colour/type of material, using supplied material, adding elastic leg straps, repairs and alterations post purchase... and more! Please note there may be a small charge for a modification depending on how much work is involved. This will be quoted at the time you order. 

Is there any way I can try the coats on my dog before purchasing, or get you to measure it for me for a made to measure coat?

We have limited capacity to meet in person but please contact us to see if we can help.

My dog doesn't fit standard sized coats - can I order one made to measure?

Yes! We specialise in made to measure and there are many breeds and types of dogs who will fall outside our "standard" coat sizing. These include Pugs, Bulldogs (eg: English, French, American etc.), Boxers, Staffy's, Greyhounds, etc. Just be sure to purchase an item advertised as "Custom" or "Made to Order" and you will be able to supply your dogs measurements and then we can easily make a coat to fit.

What condition can I expect the recycled materials you use to be in?
We are passionate about reusing quality materials where possible to make our dog coats - read more about sustainability here. This includes using recycled/second hand wool blankets for our wool coats. Occasionally we will also source second hand fabric or re-use garments. You can expect the materials used to be in good condition with no holes or major marks. Sometimes the blankets can appear quite fluffy - this actually means the blanket has had a quiet life and is still nice and thick. We will only use materials which we think are in suitable condition and will reflect the price of our products and expectation of our customers. However, it is possible for us to miss imperfections in the materials. If you receive an item and are not happy with it, please get in touch within 7 days of receiving it and we will come to a solution for you.

What is your shipping method?
See our Returns & Shipping

What are your payment methods and policies?
You can purchase items online and pay by credit or debit card through Stripe. Alternatively you can make a manual payment via online banking. Bank payments must be paid within 3 working days or your order may be cancelled. Your order will also remain at the back of the queue so we recommend emailing a screenshot to confirm payment has been made. 
We also accept AfterPay.

How do I care for my dog coats?
Wool Coats: 
can be machine washed on a cold, gentle (preferably dedicated wool) cycle. Always dry flat in shade. Do not tumble dry or wash on a hot cycle.
Fleece coats and PJ's: can be cared for like any fleece garment. Machine wash cold, and do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric softeners.
Raincoats: we do not recommend machine washing our raincoats as this can cause the waterproof treatment to degrade. You can wash by hand or spot clean, then hang or lay flat to dry. Avoid using harsh detergent as this will degrade the water repellent coating. You can re-proof the raincoat using any product that is recommended for waterproof canvas.
Drying Coats: 100% cotton fabric can be machine washed on a cold setting. Ensure you fasten the velcro strap to prevent damage to the fabric and also to prevent the velcro filling up with hair and lint. Do not tumble dry. Loop pile can come loose due to the nature of the fabric and its intended use. Trim loose threads off with scissors.

Do you sell your products at wholesale for retail customers?
At this stage we do not sell our products to retailers. We appreciate your interest in our products, and maybe one day in the future we will be able to have our products in stores!

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