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Please measure your dog carefully to ensure you get accurate measurements. Ensure your dog is standing still and straight, and use a soft tape measure (or a piece of string and a ruler). Measure as pictured below - ensure the tape is just sitting against your dogs body - not tight but not loose. There will be an added allowance so the coat fits correctly.

Providing the correct measurements is YOUR responsibility. (Please see our FAQ page for our Returns Policy)

Please get in touch if you have any questions we are happy to help to ensure the coat we make will fit your dog :)


Back - measure from the base of neck (at the shoulder blades, directly above the front leg - NOT from the collar) to the base of tail. 


Chest - measure around the widest part behind the dogs front legs (circumference). 

​Neck - Measure around the neck where the collar sits (not where you think the coat will sit) - circumference.

Harness Opening - With your dog wearing the harness, measure from the shoulder blades to the base of the lead attachment. (Note - you must add this option to your cart. You will find the link to do this on products where a harness opening is an available option). Please note: you will need to take the chest measurement over top of the harness if you will be using the harness underneath. Please provide the chest measurement both with and without the harness on.

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