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We are passionate about reducing our environmental impact and acting in a socially responsible way, and we always aim to reduce our impact throughout every area of our business.

Made in NZ! All of our dog coats have been handmade by us here in NZ. Our products are not manufactured off-shore. We do our best to select NZ made products from our suppliers too, right down to the labels on our coats! 

Materials - our wool coats are made from repurposed NZ made wool blankets. Some of these blankets are over 50 years old! While they are still sought after by collectors, they have lost their place in most homes in favour of lighter weight and cheaper materials. They are the perfect material to use for dog coats because they are natural, warm, durable and they come in so many beautiful colours and patterns. We only use blankets that are still in good condition, thick and free from marks and holes.

Repairs - your dog coat has been made from repurposed material, but it's life does not end there. We can carry out repairs on your item to further extend its life! Puppy chewed the strap? Got a hole in it? Send us a message with some details about what needs repairing, along with a photo and we can advise if there is a repair option and give an approximate cost.

Own materials - have you got a special blanket, coat or other material that you would love to be re-made into a garment for your pooch? We would love to help! Get in touch with some details and photos and we will see if we can come up with a special creation. Please note this option is best if you are wanting to reuse a special piece of fabric for sentimental value. It does not generally work out any cheaper as most of the cost of your dog coat is the labour and other overheads, and we will still be providing most of the materials (eg: lining, straps etc), and you will need to factor in postage costs too. If you have a wool blanket that you would like us to make a coat from and you do not want the rest back then we may be interested in purchasing it from you and this will provide you with a decent discount (this is at our discretion and depends on condition of the blanket, colour, size, etc).

Support local business - we are passionate about NZ made and strive to support local and use NZ made components wherever we can. For example the labels on our coats were created by a NZ designer and also made by a NZ label maker. We include dog treats with your order and these are purchased from NZ suppliers.

Packaging - while receiving your orders wrapped in pretty tissue paper with fancy stickers is always lovely, we feel it is unnecessary and will only been seen for seconds before being thrown in the bin. This does not sit right with us so we use the bare minimum packaging and labelling on your orders.

Shipping - we use courier bags that are made from 100% recycled plastic. While we would love to use compostable bags, we find they are not as durable and they also have a limited shelf life. This means we must purchase smaller quantities which is an added cost so have compromised on the recycled plastic bags.

Waste disposal - we save most of our fabric offcuts instead of throwing them in the landfill. Some are reused for dog toys and enrichment activities and we donate bagfuls to local childcare centres.

Product seconds - if we have products with small flaws that we cannot sell these are donated to local dog rescue organisations. We donate dozens of winter coats each year. Please get in touch if you are looking for dog coat donations and we may be able to help!

Suppliers - we buy very little direct from overseas in running our business. Even products that have originally come from off-shore has been purchased through NZ suppliers, thus keeping our money circulating in the NZ economy.


We hope you have enjoyed reading our sustainability story! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your ideas on how we can improve, or if you are able to supply us with products that are more environmentally or socially friendly!

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