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For Fleece Coats ONLY


We can line your Fleece coat with cotton instead of fleece if you prefer (it will still be double-layered, but with 1x layer of fleece and 1x layer of cotton instead of 2x layers of fleece).


This is a great option for Autumn/Spring for a lighter coat, or for Winter in areas or for dogs that don't get too cold. 


*Please note the additional charge is only to cover the cost of the cotton lycra material which is more expensive than polar fleece.


If you are wanting a cotton lining in your wool coat we can do this for no extra cost, just add your lining preference to the comments box. We use a woven brushed cotton which is the same price for us to buy as polar fleece.

Cotton lining for Fleece Coat - add-on

PriceFrom $5.00
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